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*I didn’t mention this in the last post, but my mic died tragically and the one on my computer isn’t very good so I’m replacing my lovely voice with music. Enjoy!*

Welcome back to TS4 Legacy Challenge featuring Ayden Crenshaw and now Araceli Batista.

Last episode I introduced you to Ayden Crenshaw, local cop and heartthrob. He’d been flirting his way through town trying to find his future wife. Well, he found her guys! Meet Araceli Batista….

Araceli (Founder’s wife/Generation 1), daughter of Bronson Batista and Layla (Marino) Batista, came to Newcrest from Italy when she was 3 years old. She has two younger siblings, Otto and Anissa, who are twins. Both her parents are world renowned scientists who have made many discoveries involving space and  future technology. Araceli decided early on she wanted to be a doctor so she could help people. She started at the University of Florida where she got her Bachelors degree. She then went on to get her Masters, perform her residency and work for her PHD from Duke University. She went back to Newcrest to be close to her family and start working in the local hospital. She has gone far in her career and plans to take it to the next level. She would love to have children when she’s at good point in her career and wants to have one boy and one girl.

Araceli’s Traits: Outgoing, Cheerful, Family-Oriented and Essence of Flavor

In this episode you will see Ayden and Araceli go on their second date that wasn’t as good as the first but give him a break. He just got off work and then a women sat down at their table and hit on him right in front of Araceli. He was smart enough to tell her to scram and he must have been a decent date because he takes her back to his place at the end of the night. Well I’m sure you can figure out what happens next.

Later, Ayden asks Araceli to move in with him, claiming true love and she says, “Hell yeah!” So now they are living on the lawn of his nonexistent estate. Good thing she’s not a needy woman, am I right? Don’t worry, she will add a woman’s touch to the place in no time. Maybe she will convince him to add walls and a floor!

Going back to the night Ayden takes her home…well now she’s pregnant! Surprise! He does the honorable thing and proposes and of course she says yes! Who wouldn’t in her position? He’s such a great catch! It has absolutely nothing to do with getting knocked up unexpectedly. Pft. Since neither of them can afford a wedding and Araceli’s parents don’t exactly approve, they elope! Beautiful vows are exchanged in their makeshift yard-home. It was lovely.

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