Welcome back to TS4 Legacy Challenge featuring the Crenshaw family! Last episode we got to meet Westley and watch him grow into a child. Ayden and Araceli take to parenthood like pros. That’s a good thing because they have another surprise for everyone! Let’s get to it.

Araceli is pregnant again! Yay! Even though everyone is excited, she’s having a rough pregnancy. She’s been throwing up a lot and is very uncomfortable through the whole thing. She’s also been ill so she took an extended leave from work. Araceli took this time off to continue painting for money and to decorate their home. They plan to add on to the house to make room for their new family member.

Later in the episode Araceli goes into a rough labor. She’s very uncomfortable and it take two and a half hours to deliver (I didn’t realize right away that she couldn’t get to the bassinet, whoops…). Surprise! She had twins! I’m happy to introduce Zachery and Anabelle Crenshaw! They’re the picture of perfection. Lucky for them they also have spare in Zachery.

Unfortunately, Westley is NOT happy with having siblings and he gets angry with his parents. Hopefully after awhile he will learn to accept their existence in his life and be the best big brother he can be.

With the extra money Araceli made they were able to expand their house into three bedrooms, a bathroom and a large room for the kitchen and living room. They also added windows and siding!

Araceli and Ayden are happy with their little family and are excited for the future.

The full video is below and keep watching for more episodes of the #CrenshawFamily