Welcome back to Ts4 Legacy Challenge featuring the Crenshaw family! We have some birthdays to celebrate and a new enemy to introduce! Let’s get started.

It’s Ayden’s birthday and he’s growing up to be an adult! He has a small party with just his family to help him celebrate getting older and they have cake. Chocolate cake…mmmm cake. He’s still a fox in his old age and hopefully we can get all his aspirations finished before he ages again! Let’s make it a goal!

When Ayden goes on patrol he meets his enemy, Kerry Werner. Things get heated in their discussion and they have TWO fights! Yikes! Ayden is able to issue a citation since he was in uniform. They certainly won’t be playing chess together anytime soon.

Next is Westley’s birthday! He grows up to be a gorgeous teen with the Friend of the World aspiration and Bookworm trait. He also decides to have a party with just his family to celebrate with more cake…mmmm cake.

Last, but certainly not least, is Araceli’s birthday! She decided she wanted a big party with a bunch of friends and family there to celebrate her growing into an adult. She has a great time and so does everyone who’s invited. They dance, they drink, they sing and they eat more cake. It was a fabulous affair that few will forget any time soon.

That will conclude episode five of The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge. Come back next time for more of the Crenshaw clan!