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Welcome back to the Legacy Challenge featuring Ayden and Araceli Crenshaw! There has been a lot going on with the family so let’s get you up to date!

Since our Crenshaw family didn’t have a house and had a baby on the way, they decided to take up the painting skill to earn a little extra cash. Araceli took it like a champ and made almost $5k! They were able to build a small one room house. Talk about rich living! Eventually they were able to build onto their house adding two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large room for the kitchen and living room.

Now for some exciting news…Araceli had the baby! Whoop! Even better, they had a baby boy giving us our heir! Double whoop! I’m happy to introduce Westley Crenshaw. He is absolutely adorable.

Mom and Dad go through some rough nights when Westley decided to wake them up in the middle of the night demanding to be fed or changed. Don’t worry though, they took turns taking care of the little guy.

Later in the episode you get to watch Westley grow up into a child! He looks just like his handsome father. He inherits the goofball trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.

You also get the chance to follow Araceli to work at the hospital. She’s an Assistant Nurse and a  pretty good one if I do say so myself. She sends home 3/4 patients healthy and happy. She’s hoping for a promotion soon since she’s been working her butt off!

Towards the end Araceli takes Westley to the park and they both end up meeting their enemies: Liana Milner and Stewart Whittaker. Westley gets so mad at Stewart that he challenges him to a fight to the death! Dun dun dun…Just kidding, but they do end up fighting each other. Watch the video to find out who won that round!

Until next time.